Godwin Maduka is an enigma. He has proved to be an asset not just to his Umuchukwu people but to the people of Anambra State.  His journey to success is a tale of inspiration, a story of from grass to grace. From wandering in the bush with his father to source for herbs and medicine to heal people, to the pinnacle of modern medicine, Maduka has become epitome of inspiration to his people and humanity.

The story of modern medicine cannot be complete without mentioning Maduka.  He set up the biggest Pain hospital in the United States, after completing his scholarship at Harvard University, and thereafter obtained three PHDs and professorship in sciences, medicine and surgery, pharmacology,  pharmacognozy and also anesthesiology among other degrees.

The likes of Maduka are gifts from humanity. His acts of philanthropy are awesome. It's legendary. He singlehandedly built a 17 storey building for medical research centre at his hometown, Umuchukwu, an edifice adjudged amongst the best medical facility east of the Niger.

He has extended his acts of benevolence beyond his community. He is an asset to his State, a valuable treasure.

 He built and donated a High Court and Magistrate Court which he handed over to the Anambra State government. Other acts of his philanthropy include a Divisional Police headquarters which he also built and handed over to the Anambra state Police Command, and donated of millions of naira to the building of Pope John Paul 11 major seminary Okpuno Awka. His donations are symbolic. It unmasks his passion to security of lives and property, ensuring there is no impediment in dispensing justice, and commitment to the things of the lord.

This is why his decision to join the governorship race of Anambra State has been applauded by well meaning citizens of the state. Any true believer in the betterment of Anambra State has given applause to Maduka's guber bid.  It has elicited applause and ovation from the people who have identified him as the man with the charisma, midas touch and posses the roadmap to make Anambra state great.

Maduka is the only Anambrian living or dead that has embarked on huge capital projects in Anambra State with his personal funds!  His act of benevolence cut across all sectors in the State namely health, security, education, economy and infrastructural development.

The list is endless.  He constructed , built and equipped  Trinitas Hospital and Maternity, Immaculate Conception College 1 and 2,  a magistrate's court, a standard market (Afor Market),  a barracks for the Civil Defense Corps, two monasteries for churches, community centres (community hall and his own village hall), a post office,  provision of transformers to boost electricity in his community and beyond, building of a palace for the monarch, civic centre, houses for clerics of Catholic and Anglican churches, a five star hotel known as Lion of Africa Resort, churches for Anglicans and Catholics, and many others.

Maduka did not stop there. He extended his benevolence to his political family, the Peoples Democratic Party, a party on whose platform he is aspiring to be Governor of the state.

  The Youth wing of the party after a careful assessment of his contribution not just to the party but across board described him as the "lion of Africa"

In a statement signed by Tony Ezike, Youth leader, Anambra PDP, the party enumerated the stuff and qualities of Maduka.

Part of the statement read "Coming from the private sector, Dr Maduka has proved that anyone who is sincere about impacting lives can actually do so from either public or the private sector. His human capital investments, establishment of basic amenities and construction of critical infrastructure remain a true test of rare leadership skills and total commitment to improve the livelihood of his People. 

"The Lion of Africa had previously distributed COVID-19 palliatives to all the communities in Anambra State through the President Generals of Town Unions. Recently he extended the palliatives to the party structure covering the State, LGAs and Wards but some party executives who were not reached in the previous exercise became aggrieved. 

The PDP Youth leader could not hide his excitement for Maduka's enormous contribution to the party in Anambra State, a rare feat which no other party chieftain has done exhibited.  


He wrote "In all sense of equity, fairness and justice Dr Godwin Maduka decided to make up for the 12-Man Executive Members not covered previously across the 21 LGAs by giving them a bag of rice each. A summation of the total number of legislative wards in each of the 21 LGAs in the state multiplied by 12 will give you a comprehensive figure of the number of families an individual has reached out to in just one day (Wed 20th May, 2020) of additional intervention.


"Dr Maduka generously contributed a whooping sum of ₦3 million to the ongoing State PDP COVID-19 palliatives for Anambra Communities, Health Institutions, Isolation Centres and Party Structure. With the above analysis, it is safe to say that Dr Godwin Maduka has done the good people of Anambra State very proud in representing his family, profession, our great party and indeed humanity in general. 

The Youth leader summed up his narrative by saying that "Anambra Nwele Mmamdu"


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