A Nigeria born international and renowned medical Practitioner based in the United States of America, Dr. Ikenna Ihim, MD, MBA, has yet again made another resounding impact with the release and publication of his work titled "A Breath of Fresh Air".
The academic findings of Dr. Ikenna Ihim was published by Bio Medical Central.
The invivo experiments of the research was conducted at the John Hopkins Minimally Invasive Surgical Training and Innovation Center. 
Johns Hopkins is ranked by many reputable systems as one of the best medical programs in the world.

The significant recognition for the works of a Nigerian-American Medical Doctor became outstandingly commendable with the citation of his research work by Wikipedia of Nasogastric Intubation recently.

The study by Dr. Ikenna Ihim is a quality improvement study comparing an air-circulating technique versus the conventional technique to prevent nasogastric tube dysfunction. Nasogastric tubes are required to provide nutrients in comatose patients who are otherwise unable to feed, So it is important to maintain patency.

In an exclusive conversation with our correspondent, Dr. Ikenna Ihim described the work as a collaborative effort with other outstanding medical practitioners, including Murad Bani Hani, Joyce Harps and Steven C. Cunningham.  

Africans have expressed pride and a sense of notable recognition, commending the intellectual capacity, excellence and significant contribution of Dr. Ikenna to the advancement of global health, especially with his input in the Breath of Fresh Air publication.

Dr. Ikenna Ihim is an international Medical Doctor with excellent track records and exceptional impacts across the globe. Some of his notable recognitions and honours includes the National Society of Leadership and Success Sigma Alpha PI Honour Society and the Sigma Beta Delta International Business Society.


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