One of the frontliners of the several and ongoing salvage humanitarian projects in Nigeria, the Chinwe Chibuike Foundation has yet again joined Healthy LiverCare Initiative and African Youth Union Commission to hold 1000 Man Walk Against Hepatitis. The awareness campaign walk on hepatitis was held on the 25th of July 2020 at IBB Square Markudi in Benue state.

The 1000 Man Walk Against Hepatitis was in view of Chinwe Chibuike Foundation's committment to support person suffering with Hepatitis related illnesses. According to reports from the humanitarian activity in Benue State, the team from Chinwe Chibuike Foundation and the two other NGOs created awareness, screening exercise, testing and vaccination for persons living Markudi, Benue state.

Speaking with the project coordinator of 1000 Man Walk Against Hepatitis, she described the exercise as successful, considering the turnout, interest, participation and impact which the program recorded. She stated that the project will be a continuous, as the Foundation will continue to visit more communities as regards the awareness, screening and vaccination of more persons within Nigeria and across Africa.

During the exercise in Markudi, beneficiaries of the 1000 Man Walk Against Hepatitis expressed appreciation and gratitude at the concerns, care and thoughtful love they received from Chinwe Chibuike Foundation, Healthy LiverCare Initiative and African Youth Union Commission. They stressed that it was a timely intervention, as hepatitis may have become one of the most dreadful illnesses which must be addressed headlong.

The awareness, screening, testing and vaccination exercise by Chinwe Chibuike Foundation was carried out in collaboration with Healthy Live-care Initiative, African Youth Union Commission-Benue State Chapter. The Founder, Gloria Chibuike has reiterated her undying commitments in the fight against Hepatitis. Chinwe Chibuike Foundation has been unequivocally involved in lots of impact projects to promote and sustain the values of humanity.



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