By Michael Nwankwo 

As the day draws nearer, the political atmosphere in Anambra state has actually changed with so much enthusiasm at  the mention of the name Dr Godwin Maduka.

It's obvious that Dr. Godwin Maduka has  done so well in Anambra state when it comes to infrastructural and human capital development more than anybody. So many Anambrarians have benefitted from his generosity which includes state government and corporate entities. 

His legacy projects as an individual have really made him the best man  to take up the mantle of leadership at  Agu Awka.

Among the aspirants, none can match the outstanding pedigree of Dr Maduka. He has been in the corporate world  but has committed his personal resources in developing Anambra State more than any other aspirant. 

It is therefore very evident that as a round peg in a round hole, Dr Maduka will transform Anambra State if given opportunity to lead. 

If we must tell ourselves the truth, his wealth of experience and capacity is what we need now to make progress.

Join the legacy project of Dr. Godwin Maduka for a fresh breath.

#RightChoice #RightTime


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