Popular Nigeria publisher, Author, Enterpreneur and Business Executive, Lady Vivian Lam, popular referred as Queen Mother, has been appointed as the new Chief Executive Officer and Face of Domak, a unique marketing competition platform and concept, designed to market all products and services of Domak. She was Unveiled at the inauguration and dinner ceremony of Face of Domak 2020, which was held in FCT on Friday 24th July 2020.

Speaking with Abuja Press, the new CEO of Face of Domak, Lady Vivian Lam expressed gratitude to God Almighty for the indescribable and unexplainable way she felt about about her new appointment. She also appreciated her amiable Boss, the MD/CEO Domak Shelter Limited, Mr. Kingsley Azonobi. Lady Vivian thanked him for believing in her and assured him that together, they could achieve more greatness.

She further noted that Face of Domak has been launched by Domak Shelter Limited to ultimately and solely market and promote her products and services, ranging from lands, real estate development, construction services, and all kinds of structural management. "However, with the new marketing concept and approach, Domak Shelter Limited is sure to have a new market boom", she concluded.

During the event, Vivian Lam received loads of congratulations from friends, high profile chief Executives, colleagues and family on her new task and appointment as Face of Domak CEO. Lady Vivian Lam was unveiled as CEO to coordinate the entire process of over 50 Marketing Partners, whom were also inaugurated and are already in battle for the Star Prize of 10million naira, a brand new car, a trip to Dubai, one year wardrobe allowance, and an Ambassador of Domak.

According to reports garnered, the role and responsibilities of Vivian Lam would also major on defining a lead path, through innovative initiative to ensure that the long and short term development goals of Domak Shelter Limited is achieved, thereby ensuring awareness of a competitive landscape, explicate opportunities and an expanded exposition of creativity.






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