In Nigeria, UK and across West Africa, a love-based and non-governmental organization known as Echendu Foundation, but operating as "The Echendu Unify", has maintained an unabated commitment in Humanitarian services, interventions and support Initiatives for communities, households and individuals across Africa. 

Just recently Echendu Foundation was engaged in series of development support programs which included the visitation to Hour of Grace Orphanage homes eastern region Ghana, Usher Policlinic James town, Ankaful Main Prison cape coast and Poor Homes in the western and eastern part of Ghana.

Other individuals who benefitted from the notable impact interventions of The Echendu Unify also included 40 youths from Nigeria and 40 youths from Ghana whom the foundation made cash donations. 10 Togolaise, 5 Ivorians also received cash as donations from "The Echendu Unify".

The Founder, Engr . Echendu Ndubuisi Anthony Humphrey, popularly referred as Engr Echendu, the CEO of Echendu Group of companies  is a UK based Philanthropist, who visited  Ghana as a result of the Covid19 pandemic. His foundation has remained dedicated to consequential programs to liberate and leverage vulnerable persons and households in communities across Nigeria and West Africa nations, including Ghana.

In Nigeria, the impact projects of Echendu Foundation cannot be overemphasized, the Foundation had also been instrumental in feeding Initiatives and donations to homes of the aging populations, especially in cash. They also had an educative program for children, where free online E- was held to enable learnings for kids and parents. Echendu Foundation is currently concluding plans to commence intrinsic donations to 10 communities across Rivers state in Nigeria.
Engr . Echendu Ndubuisi Anthony Humphrey



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