A love-based organization and religious group, Concern Christians and Muslims of Nigeria has commenced its "All Lives Matter" advocacy campaign in a peaceful and diplomatic protest envisioned to seek international and local supports against the incessant killings in the Southern Kaduna area of Nigeria. The peaceful protest was held few days ago in the Federal Capital Territory.

During the advocacy campaign against the southern Kaduna killings and awareness on the "All Lives Matter Project", Volunteers and Members of Concern Christians and Muslims of Nigeria, clouded the streets with placards, carrying several inscriptions to voiceout the concerns of victims and their loved ones in the brutal killings recorded in southern Kaduna.

According to AbujaPress, the protest witnessed the participation of notable personalities, volunteers and partner organizations, including popular Nigeria TV Personality, Amb. Rachel Bakam, Host of Rachel D Piper TV Program on Africa Independent Television. During the protest, the team of Concern Christians and Muslims of Nigeria visited top International Organizations like the UN Secretariat, US Embassy, British Council and Canadian Embassy, seeking the Intervention of international communities to end the bizzare killings in southern Kaduna.

According to the project Director, Shebanyan Abuk, the organization presented letters of her plea to the organizations which they visited, as they addressed them, stating their grievances. The Project Director noted that it wasn't just a mere protest but was very directional and result oriented. He however thanked its partners, Members, volunteers and other other participants for supporting hope for the hopeless on Kaduna state.



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