We have come a long way as a people. A lot of shared interests, sacrifices and commitments all for the good of our dear state Anambra. I must commend the steadfastness of Ndi Anambra, especially in the quest for good governance.
Both home and diaspora communities, individuals and government have played major roles in achievements recorded over the years. We are enterprising, hardworking, law abiding and peace loving people. As we celebrate our 29 years of existence as a state, i urge all to continue persistently in making sacrifices for our common good.
It is time to launch Anambra into the next level. A phase where we’ll explore windows in medical tourism, improved infrastructure, better security, accessible healthcare, affordable and quality education amongst other basic amenities. As the light of the nation, let’s aspire to shine brighter. It is “forward ever, doing it together”.
God bless us all
God bless Anambra State
Dr. Godwin Maduka (Okosisi Orumba)
Founder/CEO Las Vegas Pain Institute & Medical Center.


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