In Anambra state, the Chief Executive Officer of GSS Group, Arc. Chukwudi Ezenwa has commenced a Business Empowerment project for youths, to mark his birthday. Arc. Chukwudi Ezenwa is donating Two million, Seven hundred Thousand naira(N2,700,000) to young Enterpreneur and Entertainers in the Anambra state.

According to reports, the entries for interested beneficiaries commenced on Sunday 23rd August, 2020, but Winners were announced on the 25th of August, haven completed the necessary requirements for the projects. We garnered that the 2.7Million Naira Business Empowerment for Anambra Youths is currently supporting 20Enterpreneurs with hundred thousand naira(N100,000) and a twenty thousand naira one-month cash allowance for 35 Entertainers.

Other developments and activities of Arc. Chukwudi Ezenwa's N2.7million Business Empowerment for Anambra Youths also includes a Close mentorship for 5 people quarterly as assistance to help guide them through prospective career attainments. Participants includes, Enterpreneurs, Entertainers and other persons in Anambra state.

Beneficiaries of the project has continue to extend gratitude to to the benevolence and humanitarian gestures of Arc. Chukwudi Ezenwa, as they pray for more grace and mercy upon his life, especially as he adds a new year to graceful age. Many persons from several parts of country have also congratulated Arc. Chukwudi Ezenwa, with prayers, wishes, goodwill messages and blessings. 

Also to celebrate his day, the young millionaire surprised his mother with a brand new car which earlier followed with a colourful GSS guard Parade to honour him in a rather amazing Fashion

No doubt Arc. Chukwudi Ezenwa has remained unequivocally committed to the progress and development of young persons in Nigeria and especially in Anambra state. He is known for constantly extending his hands of care and love to underprivileged persons, will a zeal to be make the world better.


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