ABUJA PRESS reports that a Twitter user has seemingly exposed the sexual prowess of a lady which he claimed was his ex-girlfriend in a congratulatory message he sent to her fiance after her fiance announced that she has accepted his marriage proposal.

In the tweet captured by ABUJAPEWS, the lady's fiance wrote:
"Today I asked My Best Friend to Marry Me, SHE SAID YES!"
In a reply to his tweet, the lady's supposed Ex-Boyfriend wrote:
"Congratulations. I wish I had held on to her. I will never forget how amazing she was when it comes to woman on top. She was the best. I wish you everything good and more."
However, the supposed ex-boyfriend later deleted the tweet after the lady and her fiance threatened to sue him to court for defamation, as the couple-to-be claimed that the lady never knew or dated him. Also many Twitter users condemned the guy's tweet as being wicked and uncalled for.

The guy wrote:
"Eish Ngi flopile bafethu. Im so sorry. Ive deleted that selfish evil tweet."


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