Akwa Ibom has lost its official State beauty queen – Ndoko Akwa Ibom (Miss Akwa Ibom), Dr Ekemini Umoren to the cold hands of death according to reports.

Findings show that the medical doctor cum beauty queen had complained about not feeling too well shortly before her demise, although no details about her suffering from any serious ailment.

A statement found on her manager's Facebook wall, Nsikan Udoh also referred to as Nela reads:

My electronic kettle has been unplugged….. Every passing hour makes me more aware of the dreaded obvious .
Babe come back and wear anything you want for your reception, I'm not going to stop you anymore (waist High slit, open back, anything at all, even bum short ). Just give me the pleasure of hearing you call me "electronic Turtle" again.

Late Dr. Ekemini posing with her car after she was crowned the Ndoko (Miss) Akwa Ibom in 2017
Dr Ekemini Umoren, the beauty with brains, had won the Ndoko Akwa Ibom (Miss Akwa Ibom) in 2017, a crown she held till her demise.


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