Written by Machine Emmanuel

Anambra State is full of political elites and money bags. A state where the common man can boast of a business that can comfortably sustain him and his immediate family without bothering the government. A state where education and skill acquisition are considered paramount for a successful living. Some people may ask, with all these qualities why  do we need the government to thrive in our various endeavours?

Yes, we need a government that will make policies to help our business ideas and proposals to grow, a government that will aid  the younger  generation to attain enviable heights in all spheres of life.

Therefore, we need a leader who will see the needs of the masses as part of his obligation. A Leader who will provide enabling environment for our business to thrive. We need a leader who is not afraid to lead from the front. A leader who will "work his talk" and not "talking without working "

I  present to you a man who is endowered with all these leadership skills. A man who rose  from very LITTLE beginning to one of Africa's greatest achievers, a man known to all for his consistency in exhibiting great leadership qualities, which is evident in series of great works he has done in his immediate community and beyond.

He is a man who cannot be intimidated when fighting for the course of the down trodden. A man whose zeal to lead the people from darkness to light of the nation can never be in doubt.

I Present to you, a man whose name is engraved in the hearts of many for the wonderful works he has done in uplifting mankind.

 Dr. Godwin Maduka,
The Lion of Africa,
Okosisi Orumba.

In him Anambra shall have a Leader worthy of emulation.

Let's join his train as he leads Anambra on a Charitable Journey to greatness.

#RightChoice ~#RightTime.



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