In Abuja, one of the most patronised and delectable restaurant, offering one of the best and tasty dishes in the metropolise, "Zonju Restaurant" has announced her interest to expand its services. It announced that the expansion of Zonju Restaurant and it's online offers, will be launched on the 14th of August 2020 at Bonas Garden, located at Aguiyi Ironsi Street, Maitam District, Abuja.

According to the managing director of Zonju restaurant, the expansion and launch of its online sales stem from the growing to satisfy and accommodate its fast growing network of customers in Abuja and across Nigeria. It has however invited the general public to the official launch of her new expansion, offers and it's online sales of food.

The ceremony for the expansion and launch of Zonju Restaurant will witness lots of enjoyable refreshments, especially as they would be showcasing they tasty varieties of their delectable services. There would be loads of fun, delectable dishes , fresh juice, barbecue fish, Arabian tea, drinks and shisha.

Other anticipated side-activities at the launch and expansion ceremony of Zonju Restaurant would also include, comedy presentation, music performance, dancing and even red-carpet shoots. Zonju Restaurant has remained one of the few restaurant in Abuja, with flexible packages, including its timely online deliveries, which has been commended by many.


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