In Dr Godwin Maduka's 10 point agenda, Agriculture  received a commendable attention  and this goes a long way to indicate the importance he attaches to agriculture. His interest and passion for agriculture is anchored on four basic principles.

One is that agriculture would help satisfy the first basic need of man, which is food, secondly, agriculture will go a long way in satisfying the second basic need of man which is a roof over his head, then clothing which is the third basic need of man that agriculture would address. Agriculture is a viable means of wealth creation, so what more could Ndi Anambra require from this important sector?

Interestingly, Dr Maduka is proposing public private partnership (PPP) in agriculture to boost not just food and livestock production but also to encourage and boost production of medicinal crops and tree plantations for wood production.

Okosisi Orumba intends to achieve all these through integrated and technological methods adopted in highly mechanised agriculture with quality management, supervision of projects and creation of enabling environment for the younger generation of agriculturalists to acquire the required training and resources to establish their own farms and agro allied businesses. The possibilities are infinite.

These are not lofty dreams because they have been done elsewhere and Dr Maduka especially has proved to us that it is possible, evidenced by his Umuchukwu transformation.

All he asks for is the opportunity to show Ndi Anambra that we can be self sufficient through agriculture . If it happened in other parts of the world it can happen here with the right person at the helm of affairs. Ndi Anambra let the light shine.

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