By Nwanonenyi Sylvester  (Aristotle) 

A reliable transportation system driven  by good road networks and people oriented policies will trigger economic growth and development as well as  create Job opportunities for the teeming population.

It is for this reason that Dr. Godwin Maduka wants to  improve on the already existing  system  through maintenance of good road networks both inter and intra state roads, provision of  commercial buses  for Ndi Anambra at cheaper rates, regularization of registration fees so that it won't be a burden for motorcycle, buses and tricycle operators.

He also intends to create an avenue whereby youths can acquire vehicles on hire purchase to  contribute   gainfully to the economy of the state as well as reduce social vices to the barest minimum. . Dr. Godwin Maduka will also ensure unified ticketing for all motorists operating in the state to avoid exploitation. 

There is no doubt that Dr. Godwin Maduka will deliver on his campaign promises because of his practical approach to issues. 

Interestingly, he constructed 3 Bridges linking his community Umuchukwu with nearby villages. 

Dr. Maduka  also constructed some road network within Umuchukwu and other communities. 

If he could achieve what those in possession of public funds cannot achieve you could imagine how much he would transform Anambra State as a Governor. 

A vote for Dr. Godwin Maduka is a vote for equity, justice, posterity and overall well being of Ndi Anambra. 

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