The State President of National Igbo Students Union, at the Federal University of Agriculture, Makurdi, HRM. Comr. Emmaunuel U. Onyishi, has outlined series of development projects that will encourage responsive leadership and resolve issues associated with functional effectiveness in the Union, thereby seeking financial supports to enable the union achieve progress and fruition in her programs.

In a statement signed by the State President, HRM. Comr. Emmaunuel U Onyishi, he stated that the outlined programs of the union will be centered on purchase of land for NISU Secretariat/students skill Acquisition and empowerment center in Makurdi, provision of 18 seaters official Bus for the union, and the supply of personal protective equipment to be distributed to students at resumption, like nose masks, face shields and hand sanitizers, as prompt response to manage the dreaded Covid-19 pandemic within the Institution.

Other outlined programs include Agricultural venture, which will serve a dual purpose for the institution. In this venture, the the Union will specifically develop a plantain plantation, as well as a tomato and cucumber cultivation at the Federal University of Agriculture, Makurdi. This plantation is expected to serve as a sustainable source of revenue for the union as well as an experimental and practical ground for students in related scientific courses.

The State National President also emphasized on the required financial support needed to achieve success in the Project. He however noted that the outlined project would encourage and support the intellectual advancements of Igbo Students nationwide, thereby curtailing the challenge of unemployment upon graduation and enhancing the contribution of students to nation building through proactive measures.

The union is sincerely seeking financial support from notable personalities, institutions, groups, Allumni associations, development partners and governments towards making the project a success. The State President HRM. Comr. Emmaunuel U Onyishi, who was coronated on the 27th of October in 2019 is optimistic that his reign and Administration in the union will create significant impact for Igbo students in the Benue state and across the nation.


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