A Network agent of An International health agency in Nigeria, Odokwu Adiamond has called on Nigerians to explore the investment opportunities it has provided, through leveraging lifetime financial goals on other people via a goal driven and efficient networking system. Ausli Health International- (AHI) made this call during the announcement of their new and ongoing Upgrade Promo days ago in Awka, Anambra state.

According to the announcement, the new Upgrade Promo allows the privilege for persons to invest at a particular level and then be moved to the next level. Ausli Health International-AHI however encouraged persons to consider the promo package so as to enjoy extra confidence in their financial journey. Some of the entry levels for Investments with AHI are the Bronze level, with 12,000naira, Silver level with 40,000naira, Gold with 200,000naira, Diamond1 with 400,000naira and Diamond2 with 800,000naira.

While stating some of the rewards for investing with AHI, the young Lady  however outlined that a 1Star Manager, who has 3,000 PVS on 2 legs each, will be rewarded with 500 Dollars, a 2 Star Manager with 15,000 PVS on 2 legs will be rewarded with 1500 Dollars and a 3 Star Manager with 100,000 PVS on 2 legs be rewarded with 4 Million naira.

Other rewards are 20 million naira  for a 4 Star Manager, who has
350,000 PVS on 2 legs and a 5 Star Manager, with the position of a share holder in the company, with 700,000 PVS on 2 legs. Stressing that persons can accumulate PVs by getting 2Persons to register with Ausli and then earn referral bonus on percentage profit of each entry level and then earn organizational bonus when your downline registers other persons.

According to reports, Ausli Health International-AHI, has recorded several life changing testimonies in the lives of several persons who are currently investing with them. The organization has maintained fervent engagements with Integrity, trust, support and commendable rewards. Ausli Health International-AHI is just one year in Nigeria and is headquartered in Lagos at No. 2 Allen Avenue Ikeja, Lagos.



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