It was indeed a memorable occasion at the official presentation of prototype of the Legislative Spotlight Media Magazine-TLSMM. It was officially presented to the Comission of Police Interpol in Abuja, on the 24th of November 2020. The Prototype was officially received by CP Garba Baba Umar, a man of outstanding reputability and iconic integrity, ahead of preparations for the prelaunch of the first edition of TLSMM.

According to StatePress reports, the delegation of the Legislative Spotlight Media Magazine-TLSMM, to the Comission of Police Interpol was led by Amb. Timothy Peter Kilgore, the President of TLSMM, in the company of Queen Zion Torkwase Kilgore, Hon. Pwaashino P. Makapi, Hon. Jeremiah Dzugwe, Hon. Goodness, amongst others.

Amb. Timothy Kilgore and his Wife, Queen Zion Kilgore expressed appreciation to the commendations and encouraging speech of CP Garba Baba Umar, during the official presentation TLSMM Prototype. They stated that CP's speech was indeed lifting and encouraging, thereby assuring them of the potential strength and viability of Nigeria.

The President had also appreciated all Members of Staff of The Legislative Spotlight Media, stressing that their efforts was the major reason for the success which the organization has recorded in recent times. TLSMM is envisioned to build the gap between Legislators, top Government Officials and the general Public, through its publications, to facilitate citizens enlightenment and spearhead legislative responsiveness.

TLSMM had continue to ensure that progression in it's mission to stem the tide of public information and misinformation on Legislative matters, truth, justice and Integrity for service delivery. After the official Presentation, TLSMM Delegation had amazing photoshoots with Members of Staff of the Commission of Police Interpol, who where indeed impressed and joyful.


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