Nigerian Billionaire oil Magnate, businessman, politician and CEO of Atlas Oranto Petroleum, Prince Arthur Eze has encouraged the political ambition of Dr. Godwin Maduka, a renowned Philanthropist and Medical Doctor, who is leading the race in areas of impact ahead of Anambra 2021 governorship elections. 

According to State-Press Correspondent, Dr. Godwin Maduka was yesterday received at the Abuja Mansion of Billionaire Prince Arthur Eze, who applauded Dr. Maduka for his impact initiatives through humanitarian activities, benevolence and visionary prospects. Prince Arthur however encouraged him on his ambition to join Anambra 2021 Governorship tussle.

Prince Arthur Eze counselled Dr. Maduka on his governorship vision during his consultative visit.His extensive commitments towards improving lives and making personal sacrifices to fund several sectors in Anambra state, especially in areas of security, education, International relations, commerce, housing and other key industries in Anambra state has placed him towards the path to success.

Over the years, the billionaire oil magnate, Prince Arthur Eze has remained a major influence in politics of Anambra state as he relates as an elder figure and a Mentor to so many Leaders and aspiring Billionaires. He has however continue to play significant roles, considering his influence and affluence in Anambra state and across the world.

During Dr. Godwin Maduka's visit to Prince Arthur, he thanked him for the warm reception and assured him of his continued patriotism and contributions towards improving Anambra state. He maintained that Anambra state and Nigeria will be his new destination for investment, which he has commenced already, with the new world class standard healthcare facility and other projects in the state.



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