The importance of good education in a country cannot be overemphasized.  Education is the bedrock for a successful society.  It is where values, norms and characters are built for the growth of national treasures which are children and youths.  

At Mercy Wave Foundation, we value education so much that it is within our mandate to ensure pupils and students get access to quality learning materials and easy access to quality education. 

It is with this vision in mind that the Umuahia chapter of Mercy Wave Foundation carried out an educational campaign in Abia State.  

Members of the foundation visited schools across the state, giving out exercise writing books, stationery and various learning items to pupils.  

Also, in a bid to promote healthy competition and to help some pupils that couldn't afford their fees, scholarships were given to various pupils by the foundation. 

This is just another of the numerous grassroot outreaches the foundation, particularly the Umuahia chapter, is carrying out. 

Recall that earlier this year, the CEO gave full University scholarships to many students across various tertiary institutions in the country.  

The foundation has shown continually that it has quality education as a core part of its mandate. 

It is also worthy to note that different other chapters of the foundation are carrying out similar outreaches across different states of the country.


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