The most anticipated Movies Chefs Reality TV Show has announced the commencement of registration for interested Contestants, as it presents great opportunities for youngsters to realise their dreams, explore their potentials and promote their talents. The free registration for Movies Chefs Reality TV Show commenced days ago, after it was announced by the organising committee, the coordinating Organization.

While announcing the commencement of registration for interested Contestants, Movies Chefs Reality TV Show also announced the mouthwatering star prizes for Winners. It stated that 30housemates, will be engaged in several movie roles, including directing, acting and shooting for 30days in one Mansion. After which a Winner will emerge, alongside 10Runnersup.

The Winner will be awarded with a brand new car, a Movie Contract and 2million naira cash. Other runner-up Winners will also be awarded with amazing prizes and contracts deals. Movie Chef Reality TV Show is organised to identify, discover and promote movie Talents and potential screen Personalities. The exercise which will be shown on Television will comence on 15th February, 2021

The Movie Chefs Reality TV Show is one of the most recognised reality Television programs in Nigeria. Its interest is to primarily discover raw and creative talents for the movie industry in Nigeria, thereby supporting the industry with the capacity and resources to become world's best and leading movie industry.

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