Nigerian Comedian, MC and one of the prestigious Ambassadors of Nigeria multi-million real estate brand, Bstan Group has called out Kano state Government, stating that he was disappointed at the level of development and pace of infrastructure advancement in the state. He made the statement few days ago when he visited Kano state to anchor an event. The Edo State born called past leaders of Kano state criminals and hoodlums.

Speaking during his visit to Kano state, MC Papi expressed disappointment at the dilapidated structures and level of road development recorded since 13years, when he last visited. He noted that, how unhappy he was, stressing that nothing has changed in Kano state, he says, "I am not happy at all, because the same way I left Kano state is the same way I have come to meet it. 

He further stated that there haven't been any new changes or significant improvement in the state. He said that since 13years and until now, Kano state is yet to have a resound and responsive leadership. He however stated that all Kano state Governors in the last 13years were indeed looters, otherwise communities like Sabon Gari Road and "No Man's land", would not have remained the same way it was. 

He narrated that, the roads were very bad then and that until now nothing was yet done to resolve the odds. He however called in the Government of Kano state to be responsible and accountable, not only to themselves but the people who elected them, thereby providing basic and required infrastructures to reflect the dividends of Democracy.

In his concluding words, he stated his dissatisfaction and ensured on leaving Kano state, with a promise not to return until the government become responsible. Osazee Samuel Aikhionbare, popularly known as MC  Papi spent several of his formative years in Kano, a state he referred as his Hometown. The veteran Comedian and MC has remained one of the most innovative Entertainers based in Abuja.

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