One of Nigeria's most talented and creative Shoe Maker, Hon. Queen Sandra Bassey has rewritten the History of Akwa Ibom state to becomes the first Woman to be elected as Councilor and Leader of the Abak Legislative Council in the state. According to StatePress her new position has continue to encourage the younger generation, as she receives loads of commendations and congratulations from colleagues, friends, family members, supporters and well-wishers.

Hon. Queen Sandra Bassey, who is also an Ex-Beauty Queen and Former Most Beautiful Model in Nigeria International, was elected Councilor of Abak Legislative Council, under the umbrella of Peoples Democracy Party(PDP), before she was made Leader of the Council. She has remained unequivocally obliged in the considerations of diversity of interests and needs of the Abak Legislative Council.

Speaking to the new leader of Abak Legislative Council, she noted that her administration as leader of the Council will be concentrated on the principles of Integrity, accountability, transparency and inclusiveness.  She also promised to facilitate and champion development initiatives for the responsible allocation of  resources, thereby facilitating 
Effective communication between the council and their communities.

Hon Queen Sandra Bassey has remained focused, vibrant, creatively advanced in the decision-making process of Abak Legislative Council and as woman holding such position as not only the youngest Councilor, but also the first female Leader of Abak Legislative Council. According to reviews, the Council is hopeful that her administration will create a new phase of advanced developments across communities in Abak Local Government Area.


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