The Voice of Northern Nigerian Students(VONNIS), one of the most influencial youth and academic groups in Nigeria, especially in the northern region of the country has acknowledged and recognised the outstanding capacity, contributions and commitments of Chief Ndubuisi Nzenweofor Chibuzor, the CEO and Founder of Nzemweofor Group, the mother Organization of Olango App and Vortex.

Chief Ndubuisi Nzenweofor was recognised and honoured with the Prestigious Man of Gold Awards, presented by the national leadership and Members of Voice of Northern Nigeria Students(VONNIS). The Award of Excellence was presented to Chief Ndubuisi few days ago at his Abuja Office, as an "Achiever Per Excellence", recognised by the distinguished northern youth association.

During the presentation of prestigious award, the Leadership of VONNIS congratulated the CEO and Founder of Nzemweofor Group, Olango and Vortex. They stated that the recognition was quite merited and in view his immense contribution towards the development of students, youths, society, services to humanity.

Chief Nzenweofor however expressed appreciation to Voice of Northern Nigeria Students(VONNIS), for considering him worthy of such a prestigious award. He however stated that the award will continue to encourage his input and contributions in supporting the younger generation, especially those who are underprivileged and vulnerable.

Other persons, groups and Institutions have continue to commend and congratulate Chief Ndubuisi for his recent recognition and Award Of Excellence by the renowned Voice of Northern Nigeria Students. The Founder of Nzenweofor Group has made indelible, progressive and sustainable efforts to improve development across Nigeria, especially through his Foundation and Agencies.


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