Nigeria has won this year's rights to host the 9th edition of Miss Heritage Global. It is a platform to showcase its culture to the world.

Briefing newsmen in Abuja, President, Entertainment Economic Africa Group, Musa Ibrahim Mantu, hailed the Federal Ministries of Communications and Digital Economy; Information, Culture and Tourism; Industry, Trade and Investments; Special Duties and the National Lottery Trust Fund for partnering with his group to host the event.

He said Nigeria was able to secure the hosting rights in spite of fierce lobbying by countries like Vietnam, Russia and others who saw the economic potentials in hosting such a large event.

"This event is a 10-day event starting from 30th September when the Economic Summit will take place, then meetings with ambassadors of participating countries which would culminate in the coronation of the winner on the last day," Mantu said.

The event will exhibit different African heritage and multi-diverse cultures from across the world, with a target of over 100 million viewers.
"The summit will also be discussing and examining the challenges regarding not only our dear country, Nigeria, but Africa was a whole. We will be proferring short, medium and long term solutions through an array of intellectual interactions from very sound minds from all over the world.

"We have invited world renowned speakers and successful enterpreneurs and living legends as well as students of business to participate in this African festivity," he added.

President, Miss Heritage Global, Mr Ndlanda Shabangu, said the event would showcase the tangible and intangible heritage of the content.

He said the magnitude of the event can be compared to the Second World Black and African Festival of Arts and Culture FESTAC '77 which held in Lagos with over 50 countries.

The 9th edition of Miss Heritage Global tagged, #AbujaToTheWorldwoyld see participants from 60 countries including Japan, France, US, UK, Canada, South Africa, Ghana and several other African countries.



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