The recent assaults by officials of the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corp-NSCDC and SSS officials on photojournalists who were trying to capture the pictures of the crowd at the NIMC headquarters on Wednesday 6th January 2021 has continued to attract several reactions. In line with this, the NSCDC has assured media practitioners of its move to recall and query the officials who were directly involved in the assault.

It was reported on Wednesday, that a mammoth crowd of people arrived the office of the National Identity Management Commission(NIMC) to get their ID numbers, only to realise that the the Commission was on strike. The huge crowd of people stood outside for hours and was unattended to, but few persons believed that members of Staff of the commission were yet attending to selected persons, refusing to attend to them and as a result of that they broke into the premises, when the gate was slightly opened.

The teaming crowd forcefully gained entrance into the premises when the gate was openned and in a bid to  control the crowd, three media officials, Mr. Olu Aremo of the Leadership newspaper, Olatunji Obasa of The Punch newspaper, and Mudashiru Atanda of The Sun newspaper, were reportedly assaulted by the security officers, as their Camera were damaged, after been forced to delete the pictures they had captured.

However, a statement by Commandant Mathias of NSCDC in FCT has issued the immediate recall and query of  ASC 11 Anthony Agboyeinyi, the NSCDC Official who was directly involved in the assault. He has also been referred to the National Headquarters Senior Staff Committee to make his case, as it assure media practitioners of justice.

The Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corp-NSCDC also assured Nigerians of its commitment in the protection of lives and property, stressing that any of its Personnels that defaults contrariwise will be severely punished.


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