The Founder and President of Chinwe Chibuike Foundation, Ms. Chinwe Chibuike has turned plus one today, the 19th of January 2021. The young, vibrant, creative and kindhearted US based Nurse, Humanitarian and Philanthropist became 25years few  hours ago, as she continues to receive birthday felicitations from friends, fans, family members, colleagues from across the world.

In an exclusive discussion with our Correspondent, Chinwe Chibuike expressed gratitude to God almighty for the grace of a new age, filled with loads of prospective expectations, fruitful engagements and notable impacts in the lives of people through her Foundation. She stated that it has been God all through, as she appreciated her parents, partners, sponsors and supporters for their earnest contributions to her life and career.

She has continue to receive numerous goodwill messages, prayers, blessings and gifts from across several persons around the world. However, the devoted Humanitarian stated that her vision remains focused on changing lives, helping underprivileged persons and ensuring international and national supports for vulnerable persons.

Her NGO, the Chinwe Chibuike Foundation has been one of the frontline organizations in Nigeria, working tirelessly to salvage underprivileged persons from abject poverty, sufferings and financial challenges, which has earned her several national and international Awards. 

Her Foundation has however piloted several Initiatives to support humanity, both in Nigeria and in the US. She was also an active medical personnel that spoke on several Nigeria Televisions from US about the covid-19 pandemic, creating awareness and educating the people. Her foundation has also supported with palliatives, both in the United States of America and Nigeria

There has been numerous comments buzzing the social media handles of Chinwe Chibuike, as several of them described the Celebrant as a blessing to humanity, a hope for the hopeless and the strenght of the weak. Though young, Chinwe Chinbuike has made tremendous global achievements. She was recently certified and honoured as a Fellow of US based Chartered Institute.


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