In Abuja few days ago, famous Nigeria MC, Entertainer and Showbiz Enterpreneur, Chuks D General hosted one of the most amazing, relaxing, epoch, funfilled and explosive Couple's Dinner to mark the Valentine's Day at Sandralia  Hotel, Jabi, Abuja. The Celebration of love and momorable event featured the notable celebrity singers including Samsung, Frank Walter, Other Soft Emotional singers to spice up the loving moments of their Valentine experience.

In a reaction by Chuks D General, the Host, he described the "Couple's Dinner" event as explosive, as it recorded the massive presence of Couples within Abuja and across Nigeria. Most of the Couples who were at the Dinner had their weddings hosted by Chuks D General. 

During the Couple's Dinner, there were lots of emotional presentations, special honour and affectionate expressions, including the moments when couples were made to sing for their spouse and dance with their spouse. The occasion also witnessed the presence of several Couples who have been married between 2 years to over 22years and yet had their emotions flaming unimaginably.

According to Chuks, in a post he released few hours after the event of the Couples Dinner with top Celebrity Artists and Abuja Couples, he noted that the entire idea was initiated by his Wife. He writes, "She came up with it, engaged it and my team executed it. Her intentions was for us to have a very private and simple Dinner with other Couples, since there was another event in town on that same day, but God took over and the outcome was explosive", he concluded.


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