The Senior Pastor of Awaiting The Second Coming Of Christ Ministry, Adewale Giwa has excused the COVID-19 immunization of President Muhammadu Buhari and his Vice, Yemi Osinbajo.

Giwa said the COVID-19 immunizations they took were intended to fix intestinal sickness and malaria.

Tending to his individuals on Sunday, Pastor Giwa encouraged Nigerians to be attentive.

In an articulation he sent to DAILY POST, the priest reviewed that he had before cautioned the world in April 2020, that the individuals who brought Covid pandemic were simply purchasing time to plan for antibodies pointed toward shortening the existences of individuals.

Buhari and Osinbajo had gotten punches of the COVID-19 immunizations on live TV on Saturday.

The President was immunized by the Chief Personal Physician to the President, Suhayb Sanusi, while Osinbajo was inoculated by his doctor, Nicholas Audifferen.

In any case, Giwa portrayed the activity as phony, saying the president and his bad habit just took intestinal sickness infusions.

He said, "Hear me again God's people, the vaccines they took were meant for malaria. Do not let anyone deceive you to go take a vaccine that will shorten your life.

"It's not important to agree with me, but be watchful and careful. Many of you were here in April when I told the world that a vaccine was coming.

"It has finally come, and they are doing everything possible to convince you to be vaccinated. None of my members was diagnosed with COVID-19, so, why must you convince me to take the injection?

"They have also hinted that very soon, nobody will be able to travel without the Covid-19 vaccination certificate.

"Why do you want to force me to get what I don't want to? Do not forget that they had wanted to implement this through Infectious Diseases Bill but God said no.

"Now, the devil is using them again to deceive the people. Were you there when they made the vaccines?

"If coronavirus could not kill all of us in March till date, why introduce a vaccine that will shorten our lives? Let those who need it take it. As for me, the only name on my lips is Jesus Christ.

"At the cross-over service on December 24, I told you to expect great tribulation anytime soon and only those who endure who will be saved.

"You can't kill me before God's appointed time and I refuse to be cajoled, deceived, or manipulated. Their plans will fail unless it's God's will."


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