Kogi State Liaison office in Asokoro, Abuja has been disconnected over debts owed Abuja Electricity Distribution Company, AbujaPress reports.

The liaison office which is located in the High brow area of Asokoro was disconnected for the second time in less than one year over huge debts of electricity consumption that has become a problem for the State to offset.

An official who spoke with CAPITAL POST lamented the incessant interruption of social amenities at the lodge due to debts owed.

He said,sometimes last year, "water and electricity connected to the liaison office was disconnected for the second time in less than one year.

It will be recalled that securtiy details, domestic and other staffers attached to the Kogi Govenor are permanently accommodated in the Kogi governor's liason office at Asokoro, Abuja.

Kogi Liaison's inability to pay the electricity bill is the direct responsibility of the Permanent Secretary, Government House Administration or the Chief of Staff to the Governor.

As at the time of this report, the only residence in darkness around the State Government liason offices in Asokoro, is the Kogi liason office Abuja.


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