Miss Ambassador for South South, Her Majesty, Queen Blessing Osegi has thrown out stunning and glamourous photos at her fans and followers to mark her birthday. She shared these photos via her Instagram handle in the early hours of her day.

She is also hosting her fans, family members, colleagues and friends to a birthday house party Reception at Aco  Estate Lifecamp to appreciate everyone who made out time to celebrate with her. In attendance would be pageant organisers, beauty queens, showbiz practitioners and young entrepreneurs in Abuja courtesy of her and Management, Peace Ambassador Agency. 

She encouraged Nigerians in the spirit of Peace to love and care for each other. She emphasized on the core values of peace and stressed on the reasons why we should at least try to maintain peace and order in our society.

The energetic, Beautiful and iconic damsel has received prayers, goodwill messages and congratulations from several persons from across the world to make this day a remarkable one. She has also thanked her brand, her colleagues, friends and fans for making this day such a significant and successful day.

While speaking Amb. Amafibe ahead of the Reception applauded the queen for her outstanding deliveries and remarkable achievement as she reigns. He added that Queen Blessing is a young lady whose simplicity and humility portrays what the golden image of the world should be.


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