The City of Abuja is yet again set to witness one of Nigeria's most humourous comedy show famously known as "Laff it Off" with Onome the Saint; a renowned Comedian with multiple awards and outstanding performance in various shows across Nigeria and Africa. Laff it Off with Onome the Saint will be held on the 13th of June at Sheraton Hotels and Tower, Abuja.

According to Abuja, the forthcoming Comedy will record the presence and performance of distinguished Personalities and several Celebrity Comedian. Some of the performing Entertainers are  Gordons, Mc Passion, Edo Pikin, Mr Paul, Apostle Paul, Ghana Must Go, Koboko Master, Fred Bright, Ambassador Wahala, Great Mosusu, Triple White, Shortcut and MC Bob.

Other expected Comedians both within and outside Abuja also includes MC Whyte, Mr. Steve, Funny Razaq, MC 3310, amongst others. Speaking exclusively with the Host, "Onome the Saint", he described the Exclusive Edition of his forthcoming 2021 Comedy as such would be all-packed with fun, Entertainment and a relieving ambience for relaxation.

However, most Abuja residents are already anticipating the outcome of the ever amazing and amusing comedy events hosted in FCT. The Host has remained a household name in the Nigeria Comedy Industry and continue to record myriads of feats, both in the comedy and entertainment across the country.


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