Renowned physician, extraordinary philanthropist and leading governorship aspirant of Anambra state, Dr Godwin Maduka, on Wednesday played host to Ife Anambra, a leading Progressive Movement in the state.

Dr. Godwin Maduka whose involvement in the governorship race has changed the conversation, earlier today had an interactive session with the visiting members of Ife Anambra progressive group at Nri Kingdom. 

The group is made up of PDP stakeholders from the three senatorial zones of the state.

Dr. Godwin Maduka, while speaking to the audience, said his only purpose of running for governor is to serve Ndi Anambra in a greater capacity, and officially presented himself to serve the interest of the common man. 

In his 10 point agenda, he promise to provide satellite campuses, emergency health centers, affordable education (to top literacy level in the nation), promote religious tolerance and women and youth empowerment. 

Responding to the PDP's frontline governorship aspirant, Chief Felix Oli (Ezeoba Na Nri) described the _Okosisi Orumba_ as a complete package that Anambra needs, especially at this critical time. 

The group pledged to support Okosisi Orumba on basis of competence and capability to not only bring victory to the party, but also serve Ndi Anambra adequately (as he has done with Umuchukwu and several towns of Anambra over the years).

As the conversation continues, the narrative continues to change.





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