With the recent increase in the killings of children, gender based violence and other social vices affecting the growth and development of children in Nigeria, a renowned non governmental organisation, known as Jennifer Ephraim Foundation has joined the popular Queen of Aso Nigeria Organization in the campaign against rape and gender brutality in Nigeria.

Speaking with StatePress Correspondent, the "Psychiatry, Drugging and Killings of Nigerian Children" was the focal point for Speakers during the Partner Talkshow/Seminar to Campaign against rape and Gender based violence in Nigeria to commemorate the June 16th International Day of the African Child".

While speaking during the talkshow/Seminar, commemorating the International Day of the African Day of  the President and Founder of Jennifer Ephraim Foundation, Her Majesty, Queen Jennifer Ephraim spoke extensively during the Seminar/Talkshow. Her speech was premised on rape, child molestation, and child abuse.

According to reports, the convention is targeted at torpedoing the challenges experienced by children, especially in crisis affected communities, as well as to stymie the incessant increase in rape, child abuse, gender based violence and child molestation. The Seminar/Talkshow witnessed the presence of partner organisations, educative lectures and inspiring keynote speeches.



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