The Continental Coordinator and Director of Advocacy for Good Governance and Social Justice Global Network, Amb. Husaini Haruna Coomassie, has been honoured by the Universal Peace Federation World-wide. He was honoured on the 1st of July 2021 by Executive Members of the Universal Peace Federation World-wide.

According to reports, HE Amb. Husaini Haruna Coomassie was honoured and appointed as a Global Peace Ambassador. He was honoured and appointed with new office for his global contributions to peace building and the advancement of peace across communities in the world. The occasion of the honour for Amb. Coomassie was held at Zeus Paradise Hotel, located at Jabi in Abuja.

Our Reporter further confirmed that the ceremony which organised to honour HE Amb. Husaini Haruna Coomassie was overwhelmingly attended by distinguished Personalities, high profile individuals, Diplomats and Who is Who in Nigeria. The Honour and recognition was aimed at appreciating and encouraging the prospective contribution of Amb. Coomassie in the energised commitments towards the growth and sustainability of peace in Communities and Institutions across the globe.

During the presentation of the Ambassadorial Certificate, Amb. Coomassie received his certificate with delightful gestures as he received loads of amazing congratulatory messages, goodwill expressions and encouring assertions from friends, colleagues, family members and several other persons from the world. He is optimistic that his new appointment will engineer more of his undying interest in the advocacy for peace.



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