Many are called but few are chosen.

This is the case in Anambra State governorship election, where despite the multitude of candidates vying for the governorship polls, only few have dovetailed a roadmap to really turn the State around for good.

Dr. Godwin Maduka is not just a governorship candidate, but one with panache and style, whose  guber ambition has become an irresistible charm to the people of the State.

From Awka to Idemilli down to Umuchukwu, Maduka and his running mate have carried a message of hope and restoration to the people of Anambra State. And this has translated to widespread acceptance of his ambition.

He had taken the contest by storm, using his home town, Umuchukwu as a mirror for all to see, what he will achieve when he becomes governor of Anambra State.

Maduka is the only governorship candidate, who prior to his entrance into the governorship  contest had developed his community by building schools, courts, hospitals, roads, security formations. This feat is an attestation of his commitment to embark on infrastructural development of the State when elected as  governor.

Watchers of the coming election say he  has brought gritz and razzmatazz to the Anambra guber  contest by resorting to issues based campaigns, and has consistently propagated his passion and vision for a brand new Anambra State.



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