The Anambra Coalition for Justice and Good Governance, ACJGG, has advised those it described as enemies of progress, to desist forthwith from maligning the image and intergrity of Accord party governorship candidate in the Anambra governorship election, Dr. Godwin Maduka.

Maduka and 10 others were reportedly dragged to an Anambra High  court by some persons on false allegations of abduction.

In a statement in Awka, State Co ordinator, ACJJ, Ernest Okoronkwo, said the allegations are childish, and another clear desperation of some disgruntled politicians, who have resorted to smearing the image of Dr. Godwin Maduka.

He said the group is aware based on a survey it conducted that Dr. Maduka, is a major contender in the Anambra governorship contest, thus "some persons, uncomfortable of his soaring popularity and ability to win the Anambra governorship election are now afraid of his chances and have resorted to under hand practices, which include resort to image assassination"

"Dr.Maduka has done well for humanity through his many  philantropic acts, and this can be attested to by hundreds of children, youths, men, women, the aged across Anambra State,  who have benefited tremendously from his philantropic acts and activities.

The group promised to roll out it's drums of support for Dr.Maduka, ahead of the governorship election on November 6, urging the good people of Anambra State to ignore the ramblings of those afraid of Dr.Maduka's impressive run so far in the governorship contest.


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