An indigenous international organisation known as Global Peace Advocacy and Empowerment Initiative(GPAEI) has confirmed a fast rising Nigeria Brand Influencer and social media Guru, Jennifer Etito Oyubu as Global Peace Ambassador. She was presented with the Ambassadorial Certificate few days ago in Abuja, the Capital City of Nigeria.

According the Certificate issued to Jennifer Etito Oyubu, it acknowledged her tireless journey towards peace and social in communities across Nigeria. While speaking exclusively with StatePress Correspondent, Ambassador Jennifer Etito Oyubu expressed appreciation to Global Peace Advocacy and Empowerment Initiative (GPAEI) for the honour and distinguished confirmation as a Global Peace Ambassador.

She further told our Correspondent that the certificate was indeed motivational and a call to do more using the media industry and profession to continually promote and improve peace and social reforms in Nigeria. Recently, Jennifr Etito has continued to receive several prestigious international recognition for her works and contributions in the media industry. Few days ago she was honoured at the 6th Edition of  Africa Icon Awards 2021 as the Most Promising Media Influencer in West Africa.

However, the young and vibrant media Guru has remained unequivocally undeterred in her vision to explore the prospective opportunities available in the media industry, with emphasis on her versatility, creativity and innovations in brand promotions and social media management. Many has said that Jennifer Etito Oyubu is fast becoming a household name in industry.



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