The CEO of Peace Ambassadors Agency, the mother Organization of Big Dreams Nigeria Reality Television Program, Miss Ambassador for Peace Beauty Pageant and the renowned Peace Achievers International Summit and Awards, Amb. Kingsley Amafibe has added another year to his graceful age.

The young, vibrant and globally recognised Showbiz Enterpreneur will be celebrating his birthday in an amazing, colourful and delightful birthday ceremony and special Dinner in the Federal Capital Territory. Speaking exclusively with Abuja Press Reporter, Kingsley Amafibe described his new age as blessing from God Almighty. 

He also expressed appreciation to God for the uncountable blessing and the piles of Achievements. He also thanked friends, well-wishers, family members colleagues in the industry and followers for the birthday gestures they threw at him. However he noted that part of the celebration of his birthday will be extended to underprivileged children privately, he himself and his team  engaged charity visits in communities across Abuja in lowkey. He would also be hosted by Club Carribbean, in what was tagged Carribbean Birthday Soiree with Amb. Kingsley Amafibe.

Amb. Kingsley Amafibe is a Celebrity Showbiz Personality, who made impacts in the lives of myriad persons, through empowerment, support and innovatively creating opportunities for youngsters to improve their lives and become more relevant in their families and to their  nations. He has received several renowned awards for his significant contributions to humanity, as well as his earnest input towards developing the Showbiz industry.



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