The Controller General of Federal Fire Service , Dr. Liman Alhaji Ibrahim has visited the Belausian Deputy Minister of Emergency Situation, Mr. Andrei Yurzhits ahead a Joint Training Program between the Federal Fire Service National Fire Academy and the Belarus University of Civil Protection.

According to reports, Dr. Liman Alhaji Ibrahim visited the Belarusian Deputy Minister to hold talks with him regarding the forthcoming joint training which will be hosted in Nigeria, especially with participating international Experts from both Nigeria and from Belarus. During the visit, Dr. Liman visited the International Rescue Training Center, where several Federal Fire Service Personnel have visited for special professional trainings.

On arrival, the Belarusian Deputy Minister received him and congratulated him for his efforts in ensuring the growth and advancement of Fire Service and rescue missions. They had alot time together, especially as they toured around several other professional fire facilities in Belarus.

However, the Controller General of Customs, Dr. Liman Alhaji Ibrahim has expressed gratitude for the cooperation, partnership and discussions they shared ahead of the forthcoming Joint Training between the both countries. He also thanked the country and especially the Deputy Minister of Emergency Situation in Belarus, Mr. Andrei Yurzhits for the hospitality and reception he received on arrival to Belarus.



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