Popular Nigerian-Switzerland based Celebrity Singer Naz-B has recently dropped a single titled "Unknown Gunmen". According to the International Artiste, the song was inspired by an unfortunate situation where a car he bought abroad and sent down to Nigeria for his mother was stolen by gunmen in Anambra State, with his family members stabbed severely.

He described the situation as unfortunate,with emphasis on the spate of violence ravaging eastern region of Nigeria, which is the the home of Igbos. He stressed that these unknown gunmen are sometimes Igbos killing fellow Igbo brothers claiming that these people are unknown gunmen. Naz-B related his true life experience in the song which he titled "Unknown Gunmen". 

He further noted that he was being pushed to ask questions like "If other people hurt us, should we hurt ourselves too"?, "We say we're people of the church and are brilliant but we still harm ourselves, why"?, "Mothers do not deserve to watch their sons who they suffered to raise get injured or die"?, "Fathers should not go out to look for food for their families and also be scared that they won't go back home to them"?, "Children shouldn't have to wake up to the violent cracks of gunshots in the morning"?

However, Naz-B is optimistic that with his new release, the message of the incessant killings, violence and other criminalities in the Eastern region of Nigeria is given basic attention and addressed headlong. The Anambra born, Switzerland based international Artiste has remained deeply worried about the killings of his people in Anambra state and other parts of the Igbo land.

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