By Emezie Madu PhD

This is coming in the wake of several endorsements and awards to Dr. Godwin Maduka. Political pundits assert that numerous genuine endorsements of Okosisi Orumba by Associations, groups and individuals is an indication that he would win the Governorship election on Saturday.

In the process of explaining his vision to APPAS members, Dr. Maduka said he would increase minimum wage of Civil Servants in consonance with prevailing economic indicators. He promised to build pharmaceutical companies as a Pharmacist to provide jobs for the youths and guarantee quality health care.

Chairman Association of Past President Generals Anambra State Mazi Omife Omife while confirming the endorsement of Dr. Godwin Maduka by the Association said "We have endorsed you to go and win"

Earlier, Dr. Godwin Maduka in a meeting with The Laity Awka Diocese promised to run an all inclusive government if voted into power as The Governor of Anambra State. According to Dr.Godwin Maduka " Those that think they can select Governors are making a big mistake. It's no longer business as usual. The problem of Anambra State is God fatherism... telling people where to vote or who to vote for"

Responding, Chief Chaplain of Laity Awka Diocese Reverend Father Jude Anokwasa prayed to God to grant Okosisi Orumba his heart desires.

In the same vein President Laity Council of Nigeria Hon Joseph Igwebuike described Dr. Maduka as the kind of man that would transform the State.

Vote for Dr. Godwin Maduka Vote for Accord Party No 1 party on the ballot paper #RightChoice #RightTime #Godwins




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