As reviews on the recently released movie titled "Dear Zikora" continues to accumulate, few viewers have expressed their perception about the quality visual, reconciled with an intriguing storyline that exposes family secrecies and questionable DNAs. Dear Zikora was released few days ago to narrate the story of how the darkest and dirtiest secrets lies within people, especially within the family circle.

According reports, many persons have applauded the artistic creativity of the Director, Ebuka Okparauzoma and the innovative experience of the Producer, Cynthia Okoye whose synergised capacity made Dear Zikora a must-watch move. The movie features several fast rising celebrity Actors and Actresses, which includes Nzeh Amaka, Obi Okoli, Prosper Godwin Chigbata, Wenceslaus Cosmas, Anaekwe Jennifer and amongst others.

The movie was written, directed and produced to help and enlighten viewers on family hatred, infidelity, greedy ambitions and the loads of dirty amd dark secrets in modern homes nowadays. Dear Zikora tells the story of a father in-law was engaged in an affair with his son's Fiancee, impregnated her and she took it into the marriage with her Fiance. 

Few years after, about when her son was about 12years already, the father in-law who is the biological father of her son decides to retire. At this point all the mother could think about was the inheritance of her father in-law, but hell broke loose when her Husband ran a DNA on their son, only to realise that the boy wasnt his blood. 

Things even got more soar when her father-in-law handed over his entire company to his son, even when his daughter in-law thought she deserved it as a result of the affairs she was having with him. The tragic and painful end reveals that one cannot eat his cake and still have it as the whole family ends up dead with just the Maid and the young man who's wife had severally cheated on him with his Dad.

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