An Ex Beauty Queen and CEO of Black Monde Empire has concluded plans to host its 2021 Christmas With Widows programme. 

Founder of the group, former Miss Pan African Queen ECOWAS, Jennifer Ijeoma Ezenwa told newsmen on Friday that this year edition will take place in Abuja.

This event which is 4th in the series will feature donation of cash, food items, fabrics, household items and other valuables to alleviate the challenges widows and less privileged families faces even as prices of goods and services skyrocket.

The organization is also inviting individuals, groups and corporate bodies to be part of this humanitarian gesture by donating cheerfully towards it.

Many Nigerians have been identified to be living on the edge of life with increasing cost of staple foods and household items.

The poverty index in the country has also increased. 

Black Monde Empire with this programme is taking the lead in showing love, which is what Christmas celebration symbolises.

The group under the leadership of its founder has in the last 4 years put smile on faces of widows and orphans in an effort to add flavour to their Christmas celebration even as hardship bites harder across the country.



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