Jason Oghenejobo is a young and successful real estate developer who has remained a mentor to several young entrepreneurs in Nigeria and across Africa. He has been described as a man who believes that dedication, discipline and hardwork are the basic principles to unturn oneself into successful living and individual fulfilment. 

Having absolute control over his time and output, recording several outstanding accomplishments both in career and other endeavours, Jason Oghenejobo has maintained a personality worthy of adoption. Speaking with our Reporter few days ago, He noted the ability to always come up with clever ways of finding solution to challenges has been the bedrock of his career advancement. 

Jason Oghenejobo is known for his charismatic way of relating and listening to Clients as well as partners, as he always conducts appropriate research before getting committed to any task via thinking outside the box to achieve excellent result. He is also an amazing sales persons, with years of experience in the business of buying and selling.

During his college years in the University of Benin, Jason had already started nuturing a career in the selling of computerised devices and mobile phones in Lagos state. After graduating with a Bsc in Human Physiology in 2016, Jason later joined the real estate industry and until today his organization operates both in Nigeria and has expanded to Turkey.

He is currently married and the union is blessed with 3 Children namely, Riley, Zoey and Amari. Whole growing up Jason love martial arts and practiced taekwondo. He is however passionate about feminism, mental health and technological Adavancent, although had enjoyed making music while he was quite younger.



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