The Ambazonia forces attacked the town of Buea because of AFCON matches being played in Limbe.

Ambazonia forces are doing everything to boycott the AFCON matches in their territory.

Ambazonia separatist fighters enganged Cameroon soldiers in Buea town, which is just 21kms from Limbe Omnisport Stadium where Tunisia v Mali and Mauritania v Gambia matches are scheduled.

The shooting in Buea central market area around the Bwitingi cillage between the Separatists fighters and the government forces resulted to about 5 people loosing their lives.

The separatists earlier banned the ongoing AFCON throughout their territory (Ambazonia), that is, the English speaking zone of Cameroon.

As a result, Zambian referee Sukazwe ended the Tunisia vs Mali game 5 minutes before full-time.
Had a rethink, resumed the game and then blew the final whistle at 89th minute of play as fear of the separatist was upon them.

Gambia vs Mauritania match suspended for 45 minutes as a result of the fight.

Will AFCON be suspended?



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