As part of its contribution to reduce incidences of drug and substance abuse in the country, a non-governmental organisation, Emmanuel & Rachel Foundation has taken the anti-drug campaign to secondary schools in Lagos and Ogun states, South West Nigeria.

The 3-day advocacy campaign seeks to bring awareness to the doorstep of the younger ones in the society to realise the dangers associated with drug and substance abuse.

The pupils were also taught tips to healthy lifestyle.

The benefitting pupils who could not hide their joy expressed gratitude to the foundation for the sensitization which they say has broadened their minds on the risks associated with drug abuse.

In acceptance of the message, they carried various placards such as 'Drug ends all dreams', 'You don't need heroin to be a hero', 'drug kills', 'it is easier to stay off drugs than to get off drugs' and many more.

Drug abuse has been identified to be an enabler of crimes and insecurity.

Among dangers associated with it is the reduction in productivity, health related issues, and many more.

The country has intensified the campaign against drug with the NDLEA being the lead agency.

Under the leadership of Gen. Buba Marwa, the agency is believed to have made a significant milestone in the fight against drug.





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