Oga Campaign International, one of the foremost brands for reputable contests, has announced the kick-off of yet another season of its quintessential Kids competition in Nigeria, Golden Kids Contest.

Golden Kids Contest is a competition for kids between the ages of 0–12 years old, It is an initiative by Oga Campaign International aimed at celebrating Children's Day (May 27th, 2022)

The aim is to choose kids that will be future icons, through popular votes.

This 2022 edition will be quite memorable and significant efforts are in place to promote kids as future icons to encourage other kids in the appropriate way to go. The forthcoming event will be considering several smart criterias to enable the outstanding kids aspire into winning positions. 

The Winners of the 2022 edition of Golden Kids Contest will be rewarded with a whopping sum of one million naira and one year endorsement deal from several brands.

The major aim of the contest is to showcase the exceptional personality, poise, glamour and elegance in our kids,with a mantra that every child is a Golden child.

To enter for the competition, interested participants are required to fill the form below, register for free and also get ready to vote for free. 

Entrants have also been advised to familiarise themselves with the terms and conditions of the competition available on the website's entry page.



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